Clocr for Financial Advisors / Wealth Managers

Clocr is an intuitive, simple to use, self-service tool that helps people organize their online line/ social media accounts, important legal, financial, and health information in one place and enables them to set up their beneficiaries.

So, in the event something happens to a user, the assigned beneficiaries can have legal authority (as outlined by RUFADAA) to access/acquire the digital assets.

Unique and way beyond encryption most companies tout about!

Clocr’s patent-pending security digitally shreds the information and distributes the fragments across multiple cloud locations, providing several layers of protection.

Clocr for Advisors

Allows you to create a co-branded offering for your clients.
Partnering with Clocr is a win-win for Financial Planners because you are already managing your clients’ finances. You will be a hero when you educate your clients about legacy planning and help setting it up the right way. The beneficiaries will thank you and they potentially become your customers.

A Framework for Wealth Managers 

Clocr provides a framework for Wealth Managers and Financial Planners to move beyond just managing their wealth and position you to offer an end-to-end solution.
You can offer peace of mind to your cleints’ and their families providing you satisfaction, revenue, and a flywheel of new customers.
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