We take pride in supporting those on the frontline

The Coronavirus pandemic has challenged healthcare and frontline workers who must remain on active duty at the risk of their own lives to keep us safe. Their service to their country is commendable and has united everyone to support their efforts to flatten the curve against COVID-19. During this frantic period our only question for frontline workers in medicine, food service, sanitation and other essential industries, is that:

Have you prepared yourself for an emergency?

  • As you attend to other emergencies how much time have you given organizing your important documents when you have an emergency?
  • If something happened to you or your loved one’s, does your family know how to access your important documents and online accounts? Are all your online passwords, contact information, and credentials stored in one location? Are your digital assets secure and easily accessible?

If you hesitated to answer any of these questions, don’t worry. We have you covered!

We have created a ‘Crisis Preparedness Guide‘ that includes a detailed step by step process on how to protect your digital assets. This worksheet is downloadable and made to help you organize all your account in one place.

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