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for Online Accounts

Pass on your online accounts and digital assets to your loved ones the right way!

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Provide peace of mind to your family

Online accounts of deceased are easy targets for hackers. Stolen accounts can potentially expose your family, friends or business partners

Expensive, agonizing and time consuming

Gaining access to each individual account provider is a lengthy and drawn-out process that may require legal help with no guarantee of access.

Violation of privacy laws

If you’ve shared your passwords, you could be unintentionally violating privacy policies and possibly breaking the law.

Impractical to use a traditional will

Impractical to use a traditional will as it’s tedious, and expensive to continuously revise as your digital assets change. .

Our Value Proposition!

Our easy to use onboarding creates most used online accounts in seconds. You can manage your entire asset portfolio in one place.
Clocr’s Estate Plan for Online Accounts is built on RUFADAA guidelines. Almost all states in the USA enacted these guidelines.
Clocr is a cost-effective solution as it eliminates the need for you to use traditional will to incorporate your online accounts and digital assets.

Your Estate Plan for Online Accounts in 2 Steps!


Your Estate, Your Way

Our innovative onboarding process enables you to customize your portfolio. We create ‘most’ used online accounts based on your selections. You have total flexibility in making changes to your portfolio at any point.


Your Beneficiaries

Set up your contacts. All you need are their emails. They don’t need to be Clocr users, as of yet. We will send the registration details on your behalf.


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Enable your loved ones to have access to your digital assets the right way!

Whether you are a recent graduate joining the workforce, a seasoned professional, a successful business owner, or a retiree, Clocr is for you.