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Clocr saves you time and money, eliminates the pain and frustration in protecting and passing-on your online accounts, social media accounts, and other digital assets the legal way.

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We are Clocr, and our mission is to enable your loved ones to inherit your digital assets the right way.

We take your excuses away by making the boring and time-consuming job of organizing, your digital assets simple, effective, affordable and mostly importantly “legally compliant’.

You and your family have peace of mind because, we do the heavy lifting for you, through unique and innovative features that make the legacy planning process easy and effortless.

Clocr (short for Cloud Locker) is the industry’s first, patent-pending, all-in-one “Legacy Planning & Disbursement Platform” for online accounts and digital assets.

Our Services

We offer Legacy Plan for Digital Assets, Secure Digital Vault, and Digitial Time Capsule services starting at only $2.99 per month.

Legacy Plan for Online Accounts & Digital Assets

Plans starting at $9.99

Clocr eliminates wasting of valuable time and money tracking online accounts, ensures privacy laws are not breached by sharing your online passwords, and provides a cost-efficient alternative to traditional wills that are expensive to update as your digital assets change.

Hyper-Secure Personal Digital Vault

Plans starting at $2.99

Have peace of mind that your critical files are protected by a super-secure cloud vault. Efficiently organize, manage, and share your most important documents with family, friends, or business partners. Easily keep track of all the files important files shared with you.

Digital Time Capsule

Plans starting at $4.99

Protect and pass-on your legacy, your wishes, your values and your memories. Inscribe whenever or wherever the mood strikes. Yes, they are important, and your next generation values and cherishes them.


We honor veterans, active-duty military personnel. We offer one year free subscriptions to veterans. Click here

Frontline Warriors

We take pride in supporting those on the frontline warriors.  Find out more.


Pass on your digital assets to your loved ones the right way!

No credit card required.